Data storage leader Seagate Technology on Thursday introduced a new storage-as-a-service platform that will help enterprises store, activate and manage the massive surge in data.

An S3-compatible, storage-only cloud. Lyve Cloud enables always-on mass capacity data storage and activation.

Lyve Cloud is currently offered at multiple locations in the US and will arrive in other countries in the future.

Seagate said it is collaborating with Equinix, the world’s digital infrastructure company, to make Lyve Cloud accessible to more customers.

“Lyve Cloud is a natural extension of Seagate’s leadership in mass data solutions, combining our mass capacity HDD innovation with deep storage industry knowledge to help customers activate more of their valuable data,” said Ravi Naik, executive vice president, storage services, and chief information officer at Seagate.

Lyve Cloud offers privacy, no lock-in, and no egress fees, allowing customers to retain full control of their data while lowering TCO for storing massive datasets.

“Leveraging Lyve Cloud and Platform Equinix, customers have an optimized, cost-effective object storage option to make their cloud truly composable,” said Eric Schwartz, chief strategy officer of Equinix.

According to Seagate’s ‘Rethink Data’ report, as much as 68 per cent of data available to enterprises goes unused.

“By providing a reliable and cost-efficient cloud storage solution at the metro edge, closer to where their data is generated, Lyve Cloud lets enterprises store and activate their data at scale, securely and efficiently,” said Naik.



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