Sean Penn refuses to return to work until ‘Gaslit’ cast&crew get Covid jabs

Actor filmmaker Sean Penn will not resume work on the series “Gaslit” until the entire cast and crew get Covid-19 vaccines.

NBCUniversal, the studio for “Gaslit”, imposed obligatory vaccines for “Zone A” cast and crew members (those in close proximity during production), and provided an on-site vaccination clinic for those involved with the production as Penn has put his foot down, reports

The actor-filmmaker has offered to facilitate the mandatory-for-all vaccination effort, free of charge, through his nonprofit organisation.

“Gaslit”, a political thriller series, tells the tale of forgotten characters of Watergate.

Penn will play Attorney General John Mitchell, Nixon’s most trusted adviser. Actress Julia Roberts will be seen essaying Martha Mitchell, the Arkansan socialite who was one of the first to publicly sound the alarm on Nixon’s involvement in Watergate.