Season 2 of India’s first B&W web-series ‘Kota Factory’ premieres on Sep 24

The second season of India’s first black-and-white web series titled ‘Kota Factory’ is all set to premiere on September 24 on Netflix.

‘Kota Factory’ revolves around the town of Kota – its students, its people and its coaching industry. The show tells this tale through the eyes of a vulnerable teenager ‘Vaibhav’ and ‘Jeetu bhaiya’. It showcases the life of Indian students who prepare for competitive exams.

The second season will follow the life of Vaibhav on his journey to Maheshwari – one of Kota’s leading training institutes, and how he tries to balance his friendships, his relationship with his mentor and the looming pressure of getting into IIT.

The show’s director Raghav Subbu said: “As a director, I try to create stories that inspire and enthrall audiences throughout. Season 2 of ‘Kota Factory’ will chronicle the journey of students at Kota and the struggles they face on a daily basis, which will make it more engaging and realistic.”

“The compelling story and spectacular performances will keep the audience intrigued,” Subbu added.

The show features Jitendra Kumar, Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Ahsaas Channa, Revathi Pillai and Urvi Sing.

Tanya Bami, Director, International Originals, Netflix India, said: “We are excited to bring back the favourite characters, Vaibhav, Uday, Shivangi, Meena and Jeetu Bhaiyya in the second season of Kota Factory on Netflix.

“Just like the previous season, this season too is rich with authenticity and relatability of college life, the choices and struggles of the youth not just in Kota, but everywhere in the country too.”