Selena lip-sync to an old Drew Barrymore clip; senior actress approves

Actress-singer Selena Gomez lip-synced to an old clip of Drew Barrymore, and she has got the actress’s seal of approval.

The clip in question is of Barrymore, taken from a ‘Tonight Show’ appearance she made in 1984 when she was nine years old. It resurfaced when the Drew Barrymore Show host shared it on TikTok in May, reports People magazine.

In the video, which the ’50 First Dates’ actress captioned “#TBT,” the child actress says: “I love New York!”

When guest host David Brenner asks her why she loves the city, Barrymore stumbles over her words for a second before responding: “I mean, I love L.A. but I don’t like to dress up in bikinis and go to the beach.”

The ‘Only Murders in the Building’ star, 30, lip-synced to the hilarious moment in a now-deleted TikTok, which Barrymore shared on Instagram.

“I love this so much,” Barrymore captioned the post. “I love you. I’m so honoured you used this sound of me from an interview when I was younger!”

The two actresses last interacted publicly at Britney Spears’ wedding back in June, where they cuddled up with each other – and the new bride – on the dance floor.

The former child stars also sang a verse of ‘Vogue’ with Spears, Paris Hilton, Donatella Versace and Madonna herself.




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