New Delhi, March 4 (IANS) Jamia Millia Islamia Vice Chancellor Najma Akhtar on Wednesday told concerned parents that separate sitting arrangements are being made during exams for students with fever and breathing issues.

“Naturally you must be feeling concerned and anxious about the well-being of your wards studying at Jamia schools, given the spread of coronavirus causing severe contagious illness,” she said.

If students suffer from any of the symptoms that may ring a warning bell, “please inform the Principal of the school so that precautionary measures can be taken… Separate seating arrangements will be made for the examinees down with fever and breathing problems.”

“I would urge you to remain in close and regular touch with your wards, if they are staying in hostels/rented rooms,” she advised parents of those students who stay outside home.

Assuring the parents, she cited “steps” taken by the administration, including cleaning, fumigation and sanitisation of the school buildings and the surrounding area area, in view of coronavirus outbreak. She requested all not to panic.




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