‘Serve burgers to orphans’, HC to restaurateur after quashing rape FIR against him

Quashing an FIR of rape charges registered against a restaurateur, the Delhi High Court directed him to serve hygienic and good-quality burgers to the children at two orphanages in Noida and Mayur Vihar as a social service.

“I am of the view that in the present case, respondent No.2 (man) was married to the petitioner and, thereafter, had temperamental differences due to which they decided to part ways. Moreover, the respondent No.2 has herself made the statement that she wants to put quietus to the matter without any pressure, coercion and out of her own free will. In view of this, the allegations under Section 376 IPC can be quashed,” Justice Jasmeet Singh said in the recent order.

His counsel submitted that as per the terms of the settlement, he has to pay the woman a sum of Rs 4,50,000, which shall be transferred the same day.

Justice Singh further noted that “However, I am of the view that the FIR in the present case is of the year 2020 and considerable time of the police has been wasted in investigation, which could have been utilised for important matters. Similarly, judicial time has also been wasted. Therefore, the petitioner must do some social good for the society.”

The petitioner submitted that he is running restaurants under the name and style of Burger Singh and Wat-A-Burger in Noida and Mayur Vihar and agreed to provide hygienic and good-quality burgers to two orphanages having at least 100 children each.

Accordingly, the plea has been disposed of on the condition that the man has to serve hygienic and good-quality burgers to the children in two orphanages at Noida and Mayur Vihar.

The investigating officer concerned shall ensure that the meal is well-made and has been cooked in a safe and clean environment, following Covid protocols, the order said.




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