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Seva Food Bank opens community teaching kitchen in Malton

The Seva Community Teaching Kitchen is now open and will provide cooking classes to those most in need, to improve long term health and social outcomes for families in the surrounding community.

“By learning to make simple meals using the food on our food bank shelves, families can stretch their food dollars,” says Rasheeda Qureshi, Seva Food Bank’s Executive Director. And in the future, Seva aspires to improve economic outcomes by offering culinary skills training. “Culinary skills are employable skills,” adds Rasheeda Qureshi.

Last Saturday, the Seva Community Teaching Kitchen held a Pancake Breakfast Open House for agency partners, clients and volunteers.

In a statement Manraj Pannu, Chair of Seva’s Kitchen Launch Task Force said: “We are so pleased that this labour of love is finally open. Our kitchen offers a warm and welcoming place for everyone in the community.”

Seva Food Bank first opened its doors in September 2010 and now serves 900 families each month across both locations. The Seva Community Teaching Kitchen was built at the Malton site to align with our mission to positively impact local communities by acting on the basic Sikh tenets of sarbat da bhalla (the wellbeing of all), chardi kala (eternal optimism) and seva (selfless service).” -CINEWS

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