Seven children orphaned amid Covid-19: Himachal CM

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur on Tuesday said seven children in the state were orphaned due to Covid-19.

“The state is ensuring proper care and protection of orphaned children and also those in distress. We are providing Rs 2,500 per child per month as financial assistance for their maintenance till the age of 18 years,” he said.He said the government has approached guardians of the children who were orphaned by the pandemic but they refused to send them to the child care institutions.

“Directions have been issued to field officers to provide Rs 2,500 per child to the foster parents or the children,” he added.

Thakur said the children who are enrolled in childcare institutions and temporarily restored to their families due to closure of schools amid the pandemic would be provided Rs 2,000 per month to enable them to continue their online education.

At present, 598 children are being benefitted under this scheme.