SEVENTEEN drop highlight medley for fourth studio album ‘Face The Sun’

K-pop stage-breakers SEVENTEEN unveiled their highlight medley and provided a glimpse into the nine tracks on the acta¿s fourth studio album aFace the Sun’ ahead of its arrival on May 27.

The highlight medley opens with ‘Darl+ing’, the band’s first-ever English song released last month in advance.

It soon segues into a highlight from the lead single ‘Hot’, a hip-hop based track that encapsulates a riveting listen into the band’s dedication and passion for the path they are on.

The medley then unpacks the dynamic sonic profile of the seven remaining tracks, seamlessly transitioning from one genre to another.

All 13 members make an appearance across various backdrops and sets, singing along to the rock-infused ‘DON QUIXOTE’, ‘March’,the pop sounds of ‘Domino’, ‘Shadow’, the mellow vocals of ‘about you’, ‘IF you leave me’, before closing to the trap beats of the final track ‘Ash’.

SEVENTEEN will showcase live performances of selected tracks during their comeback show on May 28.




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