Severed wrist fixed after complex surgery in KGMU


The plastic surgery department of the King George’s Medical University (KGMU) has performed a complex surgery fixing the complete wrist of a Lucknow-based patient after it was blown off in a blast in welding compressor.

The surgery, conducted earlier this month, lasted six hours where doctors were able to restore the blood supply to the 58-year-old patient’s arm and wrist.

Though the blood supply in the patient’s limb has been restored, its functionality still needs to be observed by doctors.

A team of doctors, led by head of the plastic surgery department, Prof Brijesh Mishra, said that the patient will be discharged soon.

“The injury was sustained in a blast in a welding compressor and a part of his hand was completely severed. His kin brought the amputated limb along in a cold container after which the surgery was conducted,” said Prof Mishra.

Dr Neelam Chauhan, who was also a part of the team, said, “The complexity of the surgery lies in getting blood supply back to the amputated part. We have surgically fixed the tendons and nerves.”



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