Shaan doesn’t feature in new music video for a reason

Singer Shaan mostly features in his music videos but he has made an exception this time for his latest track “Tu jo haan kahe toh haan”, which he dropped on Friday.

“‘Tu jo haan kahe toh haan’ will have to be one of the most catchy tracks I have curated so far. It’s also got this happy vibe, which I think should be quite infectious. I stayed away from featuring on the video since the target audience is a much younger generation and, for obvious reasons, with me featuring in the video they may not relate to the song,” said Shaan.

Shaan has featured in most his popular non-film tracks such as “Bhool ja”, “Tanha Dil”, and “Love-ology”.

“Tu jo haan kahe toh haan” features Adnan Khan and Rehmat Rattan.

“With the young, energetic and goodlooking cast of Rehmat Rattan and Adnan Khan, the song gets that added vibrancy. I’m excited to see how the song is received,” he said.