Shaan sends out ‘clear message’ to trolls

Singer Shaan cited a reality TV performance by two of his industry colleagues, to make a point against trolls who feel singers these days use auto-tune while recording songs.

Shaan is the captain of the Bengal Tigers team on the music reality show Indian Pro Music League (IPML). During the shoot of an upcoming episode of the show, he was left spellbound with an impromptu duet performance by singers Aditi Singh Sharma and Nikhita Gandhi.

As soon as they completed the performance, Shaan applauded them saying how their duet was a strong message to all the trolls who feel singers use auto-tune to sing every song.

“This performance clearly proves all these social media trolls wrong. It is a clear message to them. They feel that singers use auto-tune to sing every song and keep posting comments and trolling artistes, but this impromptu act really breaks that misconception and proves that the industry’s upcoming singers are genuinely talented. Aditi and Nikhita both sang their versions very well in this wonderful jugalbandi act without any prior practice and I really applaud them,” said Shaan on the Zee TV show.

Recently, a social media troll tweeted to Shaan alleging that he has lost his singing skill.

Reacting to troll, Shaan had tweeted: “I am asking so someone can explain … and may I ask you what is your understanding on music that you are Telling me .. I have lost my Singing skill ?!”