Shah tweeted this after Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the budget for 2020-21.

In a series of tweets, Shah said the budget would benefit farmers, middle-class taxpayers and business people. ‘In this budget, the Modi government has taken effective steps to rationalise the tax system, boost the basic infrastructure, strengthen the banking system, promote investment and ease of doing business, which will further the government’s resolve to make India a $5 trillion economy,’ Shah tweeted.

The budget would help in doubling farm income by providing irrigation and food storage facilities as well as proper cost of the farm products. ‘Kishan Rail and Kishan Udaan schemes will benefit farmers, especially of the northeast, by connecting them to the national and international markets,’ he said.

The Home Minister said the budget had given big relief to income-tax payers, especially the middle class people.

For the infrastructure, like world-class highways, railways, airports, seaports and Metro, the Modi government had proposed Rs 100 crore, which would not only help common citizen but also increase their financial conditions, Shah tweeted.




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