Shah Rukh Khan: Find celebrating ‘X’ number of years of a film repetitive

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan finds the idea of celebrating a film completing certain years of its release date on social media repetitive. Despite that he chose to celebrate his film “My Name Is Khan” completing 11 years of its release date on Friday.

Shah Rukh Khan took to social media to express his mind on Friday, which incidentally marks 11 years of the release date of his film “My Name Is Khan”.

“Find celebrating ‘X’ number of yrs of a film on social media repetitive, as its become more like a yearly birthday wish rather than a milestone. But just saw #11YearsOfMyNameIsKhan and felt like saying, I think everybody involved with the film did a very fine job of it,” SRK tweeted on Friday.

“My Name Is Khan”, released on February 12 2010, is a Karan Johar film that narrates a love story against the backdrop of discrimination on the basis of religion and race. The film offers viewers the most popular Bollywood pair of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

Reacting to Shah Rukh’s tweet, fans also expressed how close the film is to their hearts and how much they loved SRK’s performance in it.

“Yesss #11YearsOfMyNameIsKhan. This is extraordinary movie. And only a legend like you can play a character like Rizwan,” commented a fan.

“Celebrating the classic MNIK makes us so much happy, khan saab. It is just love! #11YearsOfMyNameIsKhan,” expressed another fan.