New Delhi, Feb 21 (IANS) The anti-CAA protest has been continuing in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh for over two months. While the protesters are united over their demand to withdraw of the new law, there are differences among them over the protest’s leadership.

Discord among protesters over the protest’s future strategy can also be seen. As the protest continues, differences among protesters over the leadership have incteased. The situation is that while some leaders of the protest announce a future strategy, others reject it.

Who will address the media is also a matter of concern among protesters. At present, an elderly woman aka “Dabangg Dadi” has become the face of the protest.

The situation is that when a leader wants to convey his message to the protesters, he puts his words in Dadi’s mouth. While the other asks her to announce a different strategy.

Several groups have been formed to lead the protest in Shaheen Bagh. Some people have become the protest’s organisers. This makes it difficult to decide on the future strategies.

Despite having these differences, the protesters are united over not to end the dharna.




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