Shalu Juneja questions if there is actual freedom in oneness

New Delhi, Aug 15 (IANSlife) As India completes 75 years of independence, it’s time to introspect on what freedom actually means. Through Shalu Juneja’s series “Unanimous”, she questions if there is actual freedom in oneness.

Shalu Juneja who has been an artist for over 13 years believes there is freedom in thinking about the Earth as a whole. After all, humanity belongs to the earth, as a whole.

As proud people of the earth, we must believe that freedom truly belongs in unity. Freedom of expression, choice, and love is what actually will help, build a sustainable future for our country and this world.

Shalu has learned many things as an artist, one of which is to express herself. Through her recent series, “Unanimous”, Shalu Juneja has shed light on how we as humans dissolve unanimity.

Shalu Juneja’s work often indulges in Mother Earth as a prime subject. If you look at earth from distance, there are no boundaries, no religion, no distinction. Earth as a whole is one, Unanimous. In this very small series of her work, she explores the concept with a focus on India. India approaches its 75th Independence and there are many initiatives encouraging patriotism, encouraging pride in who we are as a country.

This work hence, made in mixed media, looks at India in the neutral shades of brown and blue shades that are unanimous with any piece of land belonging to Earth. The patterns within symbolizes the resources that are gifted to us by Earth, the flow of colors suggest the movement of our resources and the stitched pattern contradicts the same, suggesting how we as human tie our resources to ourselves as if it belongs to us.

Unanimous may be about unanimity but is also about how we as humans dissolve that unanimity. If there is freedom in oneness? And if there is freedom in thinking about Earth as a whole.

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