Mumbai, March 31 (IANS) Actress Shama Sikander has turned vegan and has also taken up ayurveda.

“Veganism has brought in a whole lot of changes in me. I am just loving this phase. It has cleansed old energies that I had and made me feel much more energetic and healthy now. We truly are what we eat,” said Shama.

“Also, being a vegan has cut down so many problems that I was having like acidity or bloating. It also helps at times like these when we need to keep our immune system strong and ready to fight any virus. We need to get in touch with nature,” she added.

Ayurveda has been an “amazing discovery” for her. “It has introduced me to the effects of deep cleansing. It’s the oldest and the most effective way to treat oneself, still we are always looking for therapies from outside to cure us,” she added.

Meanwhile, she has been entertaining her fans by posting videos and photos with positive captions online.




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