Shama Sikander: This pandemic allowed me to do a lot of meditation

Actres Shama Sikander says that in these mentally strenuous times of the pandemic, practicing yoga has really helped her.

As the world celebrates International Yoga Day on Monday, she emphasised the importance of yoga and how it can help people stay positive.

“This pandemic allowed me to do a lot of meditation and go to a level I never thought was possible.

“I think I am on an advanced level of yoga. I can’t say I on the ultimate level and there are some asanas I am currently getting better at. It’s a work in progress.I want to do all the asanas. I want to see my body achieve all of that. I suggest everyone do yoga,” she says.

The actress also feels that children should also be encouraged to focus on yoga.

“I request parents to put their children in yoga and they could experience the magic of meditation and understand the world better and that would make change their worlds for the better,” she says.

Shama has earlier spoken about battling with depression and bipolar disorder. She feels mental health needs to be given more priority.

Mental health is the most important thing for people. If we don’t understand that, then these pandemics will keep on happening,” she says.