‘Shameful’: Tourists’ vandalisation of Pangong lake angers Ladakhis


A video showing some tourists driving their SUV through Ladakh’s Pangong Lake has evoked angry reactions from nature lovers and locals in the Union Territory.

A Ladakh resident, sharing the video on his Twitter page, took strong exception to such vandalising of the delicate lake ecosystem.

“I am sharing again an another shameful video. Such irresponsible tourists are killing ladakh. Do you know? Ladakh have a more than 350 birds species and lakes like Apangong Aare the home of many bird species. Such act may have risked the habitat of many bird species,” Jigmat Ladakhi tweeted.

The people of Ladakh are very sensitive towards the preservation of their ecology as also the various flora and fauna found in the region.

Polythene is voluntarily banned by the people in Ladakh and they take strong exception to littering of places by outsiders.

The majority Buddhist population of the region don’t allow any hunting or fishing in Ladakh since the Buddhists themselves don’t kill fish, birds, or animals.



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