Shane Warne seen walking through Thailand villa in haunting final picture


A haunting final photo of legendary Shane Warne captured the flamboyant cricket star strolling through his luxury villa in Thailand just hours before his death. Warne died from a sudden heart attack at the age of 52 while stay in Koh Samui in Thailand on March 4.

Warne was seen on CCTV shortly before as he returned to Sumujana Villas with shirts draped over his arm after visiting his tailor Parsuram Panday, Sun reports.

The dad-of-three was pictured dressed in shorts, a T-shirt and a hat with his phone in his hand as he walked back towards his room for a massage before settling down to watch Australia’s Test cricketers take on Pakistan.

His tailor Parsuram, 44, said the leg-spin bowling hero – who had called in for a suit fitting at midday last Friday (March 4) – was relishing the prospect of relaxing on the island of Koh Samui. Yet he was found collapsed in his room at 5pm by his business manager, Andrew Neophitou, and at 7pm was declared dead.

“I love cricket and Shane Warne was a hero of mine. It was a great privilege to make his suits. He was due to collect his clothes on Saturday or Sunday so when I saw the news that he had died, I was shocked. I was devastated. When he came into the shop he was so happy, strong and full of life and energy,” Parsuram was quoted as saying by The Sun.

After leaving Parsuram’s shop, Warne – who took 708 wickets in 145 Tests over 15 years – lunched on favourite Oz spread Vegemite on toast with a friend who lives on the island before returning to the villa for a massage.

Warne was later found unresponsive by a pal, and an autopsy has confirmed the cricket legend died suddenly from a heart attack. His pal Tom Hall has since shared the poignant last photo taken of the cricket great as he beamed brightly into the camera.

Meanwhile, two massage girls who were the last to see Warne alive have been quizzed by police.

Warne’s body was taken by ambulance to be flown to his native Australia – where a state funeral is set to be held at his beloved Melbourne Cricket Ground.



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