‘Shape Our Future’ theme of Earth Hour 2022


Skylines across Delhi and other cities in India would go dark, as every year, to observe the ‘Earth Hour 2022’ on Saturday, March 26 at 8.30 p.m. with the theme ‘Shape Our Future’ which aims to herald a new era that puts people and the planet first.

The World Wide Fund-India (WWF) has come out with the ‘Earth Hour India’ anthem, composed by Shantanu Moitra with vocals by Mohit Chauhan that also appeals to people for urgent action to save the planet.

In Delhi, the BSES has appealed to its over 46 lakh consumers – around 1.8 crore residents – to join the effort to make the “right choice for the planet and for the future generations that will inherit it”.

“As we continue adapting our lives to the impacts of Covid-19 and the catastrophic events of the past two years, Earth Hour 2022 aims to signal to Shape Our Future. It will herald a new era that puts people and the planet first,” WWF said.

Sharing his experience about working on the anthem, Harmony and Hope Ambassador for WWF India, Shantanu Moitra said: “The Earth Hour anthem is the binding force for everyone to be part of this global movement. I want to thank Mohit Chauhan, who has lent his voice to this noble cause. Lyrics written by Tanveer Ghazi share the sentiments of people to protect nature before it is too late.”

Mohit Chauhan sharing his views said: “I’m very glad to be part of Earth Hour through the Earth Hour anthem. I look forward to millions getting together this Earth Hour, to support and act for our mother nature.”

Ravi Singh, secretary general and CEO, WWF India, said: “Earth Hour is an important step forward in our lives every year. Spend this hour to meditate and think of positive actions that we can take, individually and collectively, to better the environment.”

As many as 190 countries across the globe participate in the Earth Hour every year, this year being the 16th edition, with residents switching off their electrical appliances and non-essential lighting fixtures for one hour starting at 8.30 p.m. (local time) to show their concern for the environment.

A BSES spokesperson said: “We sincerely appeal to our over 46 lakh consumers and around 1.8 crore residents in our area to make the right choice for the planet and for the future generations that will inherit it. This Earth Hour, all our actions, albeit small, will ‘Shape Our Future’. Citizens can help protect the natural world to safeguard our future by switching off.”

Moreover, BRPL and BYPL will also switch off all non-essential lights at their over 400 offices, spread across an area of around 900 sq km, during the appointed hour.



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