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Sharad, Anjum, Eijaz on exercising caution when using social media

Mumbai, Feb 20 (IANS) Actors Sharad Malhotra, Anjum Fakih and Eijaz Khan, who will star in the web series “Kashmakash”, have spoken about the consequences of oversharing on social media.

The show, which is an anthology, narrates five stories of modern-day crimes in India and their impact on the victims. From unwanted attention on social media to drug abuse and the menace of fake news, the show chronicles a range of fictional stories based on crimes that are becoming increasingly common.

“I am aware of the price that one has to pay for being famous. With its many positives, fame also has some troubling aspects like constant attention. As an actor, I need to be extremely cautious of what information to share on social media and how much of it to share. There is always a danger of intrusion in my personal space, hence, I always think twice before posting something,” Anjum said.

Sharad, who plays the admin of a WhatsApp group in an episode of the Hungama Play’s show, said: “We need to be aware of how sharing fake news can impact the society. We read so many news articles across the web and without thinking twice just share it with our friends. One must cross check and ensure the information they are sharing is correct and from a reliable source to avoid unwanted confusion and chaos.”

Talking about cyberbullying, Eijaz said: “While social media is a great tool to connect with people, it is in our best interest to stay vigilant at all times. The digital world offers anonymity to everyone making it difficult to understand the intentions of other people. Hence, in my opinion one must exercise extreme caution while conversing with strangers online.”

The show also stars Abhishek Kapur, Abigail Pande, Lavina Tandon and Vahbiz Dorabjee in different stories while Anil V Kumar, Shiva Verma, Saptaraj Chakraborty and Saket N Yadav serve as directors for different episodes.



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