Sheezan Khan: Thought of a good meal motivates me to give my best even while working out

‘Jodha Akbar’ actor Sheezan Khan, seen doing action sequences in many of his shows, says playing physically strong characters needs a lot of preparation. He talks about his fitness regime and what keeps him healthy and fit.

He says: “My definition of fitness is that one must be healthy from the inside, build strong immunity and always stay active and energetic.”

Sheezan relies on regular exercise and a strict diet to remain fit and have a toned body.

“I go to the gym 6 days a week immediately after I wrap my shoot. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, I plan my entire meal plan. My mother helps me a lot with that, she also maintains a schedule for me. I watch what I eat and also make sure that I consume the right amount of calories at the right time.”

Sheezan adds that he makes sure to take rest while following his every day fitness schedule: “I make sure that I give a proper rest to my body on Sunday. It is very important for me that I keep a disciplined and focused lifestyle to help my body perform at its best.”

“I completely agree with the fact that ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’ as what we consume directly affects our fitness level. I avoid fatty processed food as much as I can and take along my home-made meals even to shoots so as to keep myself well-fed and always active,” he adds.

Sheezan is a bigtime foodie but he tries to follow a strict diet plan. He mentions: “The thought of a good meal motivates me to give my best even while working out.”

“Fitness is a long-term and consistent process. One must always take any chance possible to at least go for a walk every day and make sure they eat healthily. Even machines start debilitating after some time if not maintained, we are but human. Working hard and eating well is the key to maintaining your fitness,” concludes Sheezan.




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