Shekhar Kapur: Important not to impose your ambitions on children

Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur took to social media on Monday to talk of how parents often tend to impose their unfulfilled desires and ambitions on children.

“It’s really important not to impose your ambitions and desires on your children. For your unfulfilled desires are filled with fear and apprehension. So your kids grow up trying to prove themselves to you long after you’re gone. And carry your fear for the rest of their lives,” Kapur tweeted.

Commenting on his tweet, his followers expressed their views, mostly agreeing with the veteran filmmaker.

Sharing another piece of life lesson for netizens, Kapur expressed that while having a creative ego is good for one’s creativity, it should not be confused with personal ego.

“There is no creativity without your creative ego. Yet, how do you tell the difference between your creative ego and your personal ego?” he wrote in a separate tweet.