Shekhar Kapur: We arrogantly call Earth our planet

Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur feels we should not arrogantly call the Earth “our planet” because it does not belong to us. Kapur tweeted his opinion on Wednesday, a day before Earth Day.

“Lessons of Life : All that exists is nature. Nature loves all equally. We arrogantly call Earth ‘Our Planet’. It does not belong to us. And Nature will survive whatever we do. Planet Earth will survive. We may not. #EarthDay,” Kapur wrote.

The filmmaker also shared a beautiful photograph of Khajuraho temple on Instagram and stressed that we need to nurture the idea that we are one with nature.

“Earth Day and the Feminine . Beautiful sculpture after sculpture. Temples after temples.. walls adorned with the most beautiful sculptures dedicated to the worship of the Divine feminine. Of the ultimate union between the masculine and the feminine within all of us. There used to be hundreds of these temples. Yet even the few that have survived is itself a miracle. The amazing depth of femininity and detail that has survived the centuries itself is a miracle,” he wrote.

“Your mind reels. For you were taught that sex was a taboo. That it was something to be hidden. Yet here was a miracle of art and of sculpture from centuries ago, that celebrates the beauty and divinity of the Union as a divine act. For is it not the feminine and the masculine within you that forms a complete human being. Is it not the feminine in you that needs to nurture? To nurture the idea that we are one with nature..?” he suggested.