Shilpa Shetty has shared a tip on how to deal with social media and posts that might affect us. The actress feels maintaining positivity while on social media is necessary for our mental health.

Shilpa took to her verified Instagram account on Monday morning to share: “There’s so much on social media that is shared purely as a façade to cover the lives we lead. The hardships, the struggles, the low days, the heartbreaks, insecurities, and so much more are easily concealed behind a mask of filters… one that we’ve been wearing since time immemorial.”

Shilpa further added: “Always remember, like we don’t put our difficulties on display on social media, neither do other people. Nobody’s life is perfect. Most are dealing with their own issues. So, don’t let social media trick you into believing all that you see, and don’t allow it to play with your mind and emotions.”

“Life isn’t a bed of roses for any of us, but we’re all in this together. Let’s try and make this medium a positive one with constructive criticism and care, to make us a healthier community, less negative and more positive ‘grams’ on this ‘gram’…Stay strong, my instafam, let’s make a happy and healthy community, and reassure ourselves that… This too shall pass.”

Shilpa’s post on maintaining positivity on social media comes at a time when a lot of celebrities, especially females are being subject to trolling, harassment, abusive language, and rape and murder threats on social media platforms.


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