New Delhi, March 30 (IANS) To give relief to the importers and to maintain supply chains, the Director General of Shipping has issued an advisory to waive container detention charges on import shipments as a one-time measure to deal with the disruptions arising out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to maintain proper supply lines at Indian sea ports, the Director General of Shipping said that shipping lines are advised not to impose any container detention charge on import shipments for the period from March 25 to April 7 (both days inclusive) over and above the free time arrangement that is currently agreed and availed as part of any negotiated contractual terms.

During this period, the shipping lines are also advised not to impose any new or additional charge. This decision is purely a one-time measure to deal with the present disruptions caused by the Covid 19 outbreak.

Some shipping lines on their own volition have decided to suspend imposition of any container detention charges for a limited period to give relief to the importers.

There is, however, a need for more clarity in this respect for the smooth functioning of the trade and maintenance of supply chain in the country, the advisory said.

As a result of these developments, some cargo owners have either suspended their operations or are finding it difficult to transport goods and cargo and complete the paper work, resulting in detention of containers without their fault.

While the government is working towards smooth functioning of the ports and its operational organizations, some delays in evacuation of good from the ports have become inevitable due to the disturbance of the downstream services.




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