Shishir Sharma’s ‘Dvaita’ to be screened at DCSAFF Wheaton Film Fest

‘Dvaita’ (Duality), a short film featuring renowned actor Shishir Sharma, will be screened at the forthcoming DCSAFF Wheaton Film Festival.

Hosted by DC South Asian Arts Council Inc, the Washington DC South Asian Film Festival (DCSAFF) is one of the most celebrated screen events on the Washington, D.C. cultural calendar.

The festival will take place in Washington D.C. showcasing the best in alternative cinema from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, the Maldives, and Tibet.

‘Dvaita’ is the directorial debut of Rak Avatar and Sanjeev Verma featuring established artists from Singapore along with Shishir.

“It was probably my toughest yet the most satisfying film ever, where I had to portray such a big diversity in a character in one short film,” said Shishir.

The actor has acted in over 40 films, TV serials, and web series including ‘Swabhimaan’, ‘Bombay Boys’, ‘Sarkar Raj’, ‘Made in Heaven’, ‘Permanent Roommates’, ‘City of Dreams’, amongst others.

‘Dvaita’ is written by Rak Avatar, and he has also co-directed it with Sanjeev Verma.

On his film being shortlisted for the film fest, Singapore-based Rak said: “My fascination with the workings of the human mind and my love for storytelling is how the idea for ‘Dvaita’ was born. From remote rehearsals to fighting impending pandemic-related lockdowns, ‘Dvaita’ represents the human spirit and drive. Kudos to the immensely talented cast and energetic crew who made ‘Dvaita’ possible.”

Rak is a writer-director based in Singapore. He has been part of the visual effects industry for the last 12 years. He is currently working with Industrial Light & Magic (Lucas Films/Disney) as an R&D engineer.

The film is about an ageing actor’s struggle with dementia and his attempts to forge his way back to glory. Saving him are his loving daughter and her friend with their tireless and crafted efforts. ‘Dvaita’ portrays the protagonist’s struggle with mental illness and his losing grip on his illustrious career. At the same time, it also showcases the unspoken struggles and pain of the caregivers.

Sanjeev shared: “This was our attempt to convey a story without telling it explicitly, layering it with philosophical insights. I am thrilled to see what a team of great actors and artists can achieve with the limited resources we had at our disposal.”

‘Dvaita’ will be screened at the DCSAFF Wheaton Film Festival on August 29.