Shivakumar releases video shot in his kitchen to question LPG cylinder price hike

Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee President D.K. Shivakumar has released a video, shot from his kitchen, to urge the government to reduce the price of LPG gas cylinders by at least Rs 150. “Whether the government wants parents to buy school bags or wants them to spend all the money on LPG cylinders,” he asked.

The state chief is spreading awareness through his weekly ‘Ondu Prashne’, (One question) opposing the BJP’s anti-people policies. Shivakumar also sought the opinion of the people and asked them to respond through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The video was released on Saturday evening.

Through his ‘Ondu Prashne’ series, which began last week, Shivakumar is trying to raise the issue of the LPG price.

Shivakumar noted that the LPG price hike affected not only the poor but also the middle class, especially homemakers. He shared his concerns via social media and asked the public for their responses.

At present, an LPG cylinder costs around Rs 900 and in the Bidar district, it was priced at Rs 956 on Saturday. Refilling gas cylinders may skyrocket to Rs 1,000 soon, it is being said.

“I have visited various parts of the state and I have interacted with people from all walks of life. Each time I speak to them, irrespective of the economic class they belong to, they are faced with the same issue. The poor, middle class and also the rich everybody is facing the brunt of rising prices of LPG gas,” Shivakumar said in the video.

“People who have lost their jobs are taking their own lives as they are finding it difficult to lead their lives. In a situation such as this, the government continues to increase the prices. This is not just anti-people policy, but also inhuman,” he added.

“Many beneficiaries of the Ujwala scheme are now using wood stoves because of the price hike. Especially the poor and middle-class women are facing problems in refilling cylinders. At this moment LPG cylinder price should be reduced. We demanded a minimum of Rs 150 rollback on prices of LPG,” said Shivakumar.