Shivpal upset with Akhilesh, refers to Ramayana and Mahabharat


Upset over not being invited to the Samajwadi Party legislature party meeting on Saturday, SP MLA Shivpal Singh Yadav referred to characters from Ramayana and Mahabharat on Sunday to convey his feelings.

“We should remember the role of Hanuman because it was because of him that Lord Ram won the battle in Lanka,” he said while speaking at a function in Etawah on Sunday.

He further said that it was Hanuman who had saved the life of Lakshman. Even the Gods have faced difficult situations but it is the truth that triumphs in the end,” he pointed out.

Referring to the Mahabharata, he said that Yudhishthir should not have gambled with Shakuni. “If he had to play, he should have played with Duryodhan. It was Shakuni who created a situation for Mahabharata.”

He said that he was not invited to the legislature party meeting and had waited for two days for the invitation before leaving for Etawah.

“I am a legislator on the Samajwadi Party symbol but was not invited to the meeting,” he stated.

Asked about his next step, Shivpal said that he would discuss the matter with his supporters and then take a decision.

Meanwhile, state SP president Naresh Uttam clarified that the allies of SP would be invited for a meeting on March 28.

Those who have their own parties like Shivpal Singh Yadav, Pallavi Patel, Om Prakash Rajbhar and Mahaan Dal will be invited for a meeting on Monday to discuss the post poll situation.



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