Shivraj becomes brand ambassador of MP’s afforestation drive

If there is an easy way out to save the Earth from climate change, it is stopping deforestation and planting more trees.

To create awareness among the masses, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has been running a special campaign for over one year, under which he plants a sapling everyday. He has thus become the brand ambassador of the afforestation drive.

Today, the world is celebrating World Environment Day. June 5 compels everyone to contemplate about the environment.

In the current time, climate change has become a challenge for everyone. With the pace of development accelerating it is having a direct impact on the environment as trees are being felled on a large scale.

In order to ensure that the pace of development is not halted and the environment is least affected, it is necessary that apart from saving trees from felling, new forests are planted.

The Forest Survey of India report 2021 says the country has around 7,13,789 sq km of forest land. Madhya Pradesh has 77,493 sq km of forest land.

On February 19, 2021, on the occasion of Narmada Jayanti, Shivraj Singh Chouhan had pledged to plant a sapling every day to encourage tree plantation and he is continuing the practice. Wherever he is, he does not forget to plant a sapling.

He also appealed to the people to plant a sapling on their birthday and in the memory of their loved ones.

State Urban Development Minister Bhupendra Singh has also supported Shivraj’s call and appealed to his supporters to plant saplings on the occasion of his birthday instead of organising parties.

The Chief Minister is of the view that if we want to keep the earth safe for future generations, then tree plantation is necessary. If the environment is not saved, then the coming generations will have to struggle more for their existence. Trees are like life for us as besides giving oxygen, they give shelter to living organisms.

He has appealed to the people to plant a tree on their birthday, anniversary and in the memory of their mother and father.

Forest Expert Ganesh Pandey said that the report informs that may be the forest land has increased by 11 sq km, but in the dense forest area, 5,000 sq km forest has been destroyed. This situation is alarming. A campaign is being run for tree plantation but the reality is in front of us, he added.

Madhya Pradesh Congress media cell vice president Ajay Singh Yadav said the government may claim anything on paper, organise events for tree plantation, but dense forests are decreasing which is worrisome.

Crores of saplings were planted on the banks of the Yamuna river, it is there on paper too. Are the trees still there? he asked. “The answer is no,” he said.

So, it is necessary that the people who plant saplings should also take care of them in the future, he added.




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