Shoes hurled at Raj minister at Bainsla’s ash immersion programme

Shoes were hurled at Rajasthan’s Minister of State for Youth Affairs & Sports, Ashok Chandna, during an event to mark the immersion of ashes of Colonel Kirori Singh Bainsla, who played an important role in the Gurjar reservation movement, in the holy waters of Pushkar.

As per reports, as soon as Chandna came to deliver his speech, people started protesting and hurled shoes at him, raising ‘Sachin Pilot Zindabad’ slogans.

Taking to Twitter, Chandna said: “Today a wonderful sight was seen when Rajendra Rathod, (then cabinet member) who ordered the killing of 72 persons was applauded when he came on the stage and shoes were thrown at those whose family members went to jail during the (Gurjar reservation) agitation.”

In another tweet, he said, “The family members of the martyrs were sitting on the platform on which the shoes were thrown, at least they should have been taken care of.”

“Time will tell how far these people who have tarnished the last memory of the Colonel will go,” he added.

Slogans of ‘Sachin Pilot Zindabad’ were heard from the very beginning at the programme. The protests started when Industries Minister Shakuntala Rawat came to deliver her speech. She announced the opening of a college in the name of Colonel Bainsla at Karauli, but people did not allow her to continue as they raised ‘Sachin Pilot Zindabad’ slogans.

However, Rawat managed to deliver her speech.

After this, Chandna came to deliver his speech, but some people from the crowd hurled shoes and other items at him. While the police pacified the agitators, Chandna had to leave midway.




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