Show a pet love and they will love you back a hundred fold, says Kaniha

Actress Kaniha, who has been a part of several Tamil films and is best known for her role in the Malayalam superhit, ‘Pazhassi Raja’, has urged her followers on social media to adopt a pet.

Taking to Instagram, the actress posted a picture of herself with her dog and wrote: “I adopted Maggie during the Covid 2020 season.

“The moment I spotted her on Dogs of Madras, I knew I wanted to give her a home. I was initially skeptical to have another pet after I lost my first. I was scared to go through the whole love, loss rollercoaster.”

“But this girl, the moment she landed on my lap changed my world…filled it with so much of love,naughtiness and craziness. She’s a big part of us today. She turns two today.”

“In case you are reading this and contemplating on becoming a petowner, I have a little teeny weeny request: Please adopt a pet. Give them a home, Show them love. They will love you back hundred folds,” she concluded.




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