Chandigarh, March 26 (IANS) Shiromani Akali Dal President Sukhbir Singh Badal on Thursday reiterated his party’s support to all the “constructive measures” of the government to fight coronavirus pandemic, but expressed his “disapproval” of the insensitivity being shown by the state government in implementing the measures.

In a statement here, the Akali President said the people of Punjab were not prepared for the sudden curfew.

“While I understand the urgency of the matter, the government needed to ensure its implementation through sensitive and persuasive means rather than use of brute force against those violating curfew, especially against women,” Sukhbir said.

“It is against our culture to force women to do sit-ups, that too by male cops. This is totally unacceptable,” said the former Deputy Chief Minister in a statement.

“There are so many psychological, practical and legal means available to ensure effective enforcement of the curfew regulations. There is no need to humiliate the self-respecting Punjabis who have by and large been cooperating with the government’s measures in this direction.

“Any curfew of such long duration can be effective only with the people’s cooperation. The government must use the media, especially the electronic and online media, to spread awareness rather than panic and frustration among the people. We support the government’s efforts but disagree with the methods being adopted. This must change,” added Sukhbir.




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