Shraddha Das plays a psychiatrist in her Tamil debut film

Actress Shraddha Das, who is making her debut in Tamil cinema with the Tamil-Telugu bilingual film ‘Arrtham’, says that she found her role in the film easy to play.

The actress, speaking at a press conference called by the unit of director Manikanth Thallaguti’s ‘Arrtham’, said: “I have never worked in Tamil cinema before today. I have done around 40 films in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and Bengali, but this is my first time in Tamil. I cannot understand a single word in Tamil.”

She further said: “In Telugu, I have done a lot of glamorous roles but in this film, I got to do a performance-oriented role after a long time. I got to play a psychiatrist in this film. It was easy for me to do this role as I have a degree in psychology and journalism.”

Heaping praise on co-star Mahendran, the actress said: “An actor like Mahendran, is so subtle and mature. In a horror film like this, I had to keep my expressions very controlled and subtle and play through the eyes.”

Thanking the director for giving her the opportunity, the actress said that she was happy to debut in Tamil through this film.




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