SHRC searches house in UP village for ‘buried bodies’ on complaint, finds none

A team of State Human Rights Commission (SHRC), accompanied by a dog squad and forensic experts, arrived at a house in the Ratsar village to search for “100 bodies that had been buried in the premises of the house”.

The house belongs to Annu Singh and a complaint had been lodged by a ‘relative’ Shalini Singh from Canada, who claimed that the bodies were buried between 1990 and 1995.

She stated that trees have been planted at the places where the bodies have been buried.

The complainant Shalini Singh accompanied the team but kept her face covered.

The team searched the area extensively on Friday and Saturday despite resistance from its residents, but no evidence, which could have corroborated the complaint, was found.

Annu Singh said that it was not an appropriate way for the SHRC and the police team to reach the house and investigate without giving any notice. She said that she did not even know the complainant Shalini Singh.

“According to her (Shalini Singh) is my stepsister’s daughter, which is not correct. We also talked to the SHRC team about Shalini, but they could not come out with any satisfactory reply,” said Annu Singh.

An official of ASP-rank of the investigation team, Amit Mishra, said that the report will be submitted to the commission soon, refusing to give details.




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