Shrikrishna enters the final of the World 6Red Championship 2022

India’s reigning national champion, S. Shrikrishna steamrolled his opponent to enter the final of the World Men 6Red Snooker Championship 2022 here, defeating Issara Kachaiwong of Thailand 5-0 in their semifinal match.

From the beginning, the 22-year-old Shrikrishna was on a roll with excellent potting and precise cue-ball control. He established a strong hold on the game by winning the first three frames in a blizzard with the help of breaks of 49 in the first and 46 in the third.

In the fourth frame, Issara drew first blood after sitting out for a long time and with the help of an excellent long pot began his outing to capture the frame and went ahead with 30 points. A regulation missed red pot by Issara at that point saw Shrikrishna return to the table and cleared all the remaining balls with a break score of 41 to go ahead 4-0 in the best-of-9-frames encounter.

Throughout the four frames, Shrikrishna showed exemplary composure and a professional approach to outsmart Issara in every department of the game.

In the fifth frame, Shrikrishna again scored 22 points in the beginning. A failed attempt to break the bunch saw Issara return to the table and score some useful 15 points with a little ray of hope of capturing his first frame.

However, a couple of safety exchanges by both the players saw Shrikrishna trapping Issara inside the D with the help of his excellent billiards prowess.

Finding no way to escape, Issara had to give Shrikrishna an opening from where the Indian finished the proceedings with a score of 43-15 to win the frame and the match 5-0.

Earlier on Monday, Shrikrishna also knocked out James Wattana from Thailand after winning the deciding frame.

Shrikrishna was steady at the start and took a 2-1 lead and then Wattana crafted a break of 68 to lead 3-2, but again Shrikrishna returned to the game with the next two frames to win having a counter break of 68.

Once again Wattana won the frame to level the match and in the final frame, Shrikrishna got a partial opportunity where he showed courage to the pot that in the centre and took control over the game for total clearance with a break of 62 points to oust Wattana 5-4.




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