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Shruti Haasan rocks out to Bettye La Vette track ‘When a Woman’s Had Enough’ on social media

Actress Shruti Haasan has never been shy of showing her rock’n roll side these days as she has been frequently posting on her social media. This time, the actress-singer was belting songstress Bettye La Vette’s song ‘When a Woman’s Had Enough’.

While the original track is more mellow and does not use much high notes, Shruti was singing it completely high and seemed to be doing more out of just casually enjoying herself rather than practicing it or anything.

On her Instagram Story, she posted her clip and captioned it: “Normal screamy mornings at home to annoy @santanu_hazarika_art on national boyfriend day.”

Donning a black shirt with a completely pixelated black and white background, the actress was merely dancing and letting her hair swing while belting the song and grooving to it.

Before this also, the ‘Gabbar is Back’ actress had never made her love of rock a secret as she grew up listening to rock bands ranging from Nirvana, Rolling Stones, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Creed, The Beatles among other classic acts.

Back in September also, the ‘Premam’ actress had said that she likes working out with heavy metal music playing in the back which gives her extra boost and makes exercising a lot more enjoyable for her.

Shruti also has her own alternative rock band The Extramentals where she is the lead singer and has done various songs with them, including her big hit ‘Edge’, which currently is one of her better known songs.

The actress-singer, has also done playback singing in films such as ‘Unnaipol Oruvan’ and ‘En Mana Vaanil’.

In addition to soul and rhythm-blues, the actress also has posted various reels of herself singing out to various songs from many rock bands ranging from Nickleback to Rush, while even showing her singing abilities, and even done some Tamil rock songs with other bands.

Shruti Haasan, who has 25, 923, 198 followers on Instagram, is currently geared up for the Prabhas starrer-action-thriller film ‘Salaar-Part 1: Ceasefire’ which will release on December 22, 2023.



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