Shubhangi Atre on International Dance Day: Dance is a form of meditation


Television star Shubhangi Atre, who is currently recovering from Covid-19, will not be able to celebrate International Dance Day with fervour on Thursday. She says dance is a form of meditation for her.

“For me, dance is a form of meditation too. It’s an ecstatic experience. Dancing and meditation can be just like offering your prayers to the nature or divine powers. It makes you look and feel beautiful at the same time,” Shubhangi tells IANS.

The actress, whose favourite form of dance is Kathak, idolises late Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan and points out dancing relieves stress. 

“Dance is not only a wonderful way to express yourself but also a fantastic spare time activity one can enjoy. Dancing will definitely boost your mood, helps you to forget everything around you, and allows you to connect with yourself. It will bring of so much of positivity and relaxation, ” says Shubhangi, popular as Angoori Bhabhi in “Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai”.