Sialkot mob had also planned to set factory on fire, murder owner


The police investigation into the grisly lynching of a Sri Lankan national in Sialkot has revealed that the violent mob had also planned to set the factory on fire besides attempting to murder its owner, Express Tribune reported.

On Friday, the workers of private factories brutally lynched a Sri Lankan national named Priyantha Diyawadana and later set his body ablaze in Sialkot over blasphemy allegations.

The violent mob had several bottles of petrol and they were planning to set the factory where Priyantha worked on fire after torturing the foreign national to death, the report said.

The mob also attempted to kill the factory owner, who was being tortured when the police reached the factory and rescued him from the clutches of the attackers, the report said.

After killing Priyantha, the mob also damaged his car and threatened to throw petrol bombs at police personnel, but a heavy contingent foiled their plan.

The police said that they had arrested six more accused for their primary role in the lynching of the Sri Lankan national a day after detaining 120 suspects.

In a tweet, the provincial police said that they used CCTV footage and mobile call data to identify these suspects over the past 12 hours. These suspects were hiding in their relatives’ homes, they added.

The police said that as per the initial investigations, out of 124 suspects, 19 accused played primary role in the murder.



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