Siddhanth Kapoor caught for consuming drugs has been released on bail


Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor’s son and actor Shraddha Kapoor’s brother, Siddhanth Kapoor was reportedly detained by Bengaluru Police on Sunday night for allegedly consuming drugs at a party.

Siddhant was among 4 others who were suspected and tested for drugs. His test for drug consumption came positive.

As reported by ANI, Deputy Commissioner of Police, East Bengaluru, Bheema Shankar said, “Siddhanth Kapoor’s medical shows he had consumed drugs. We have already arrested him and are following the procedure. We will be sending him to judicial custody.”

As per the police Siddhanth Kapoor and four others have now been granted bail on the condition that they will need to appear as and when the police call them.

As per the police, they raided the party on Sunday based on a tip-off. The DCP said, “Last night we got info that a party is going on and they have consumed drugs. We raided and detained 35 people. We didn’t find any drugs on their person but found MDMA and ganja disposed of nearby. We will investigate CCTV to check who disposed it off.”

As per an India Today report, the police were tipped-off and so they reportedly raided a hotel on MG road where the part was allegedly taking place.

The police suspected that some of the party guests had consumed drugs and so they tested them and among the samples tested, Siddhanth Kapoor and a few others tested positive.

Veteran actor Shakti Kapoor, who is Siddhanth Kapoor’s father was asked yesterday, on Monday, about the controversy and he said that he heard about it from new channels. He refuted the claim that Siddhant was arrested and stated that for now he was merely detained.

He also added that his son is a DJ (disc jockey) and so he routinely travels for parties as it is a part of his work. As to the rest, Shakti Kapoor stated that he has no idea and will not comment.

Siddhanth Kapoor is now free to return to his home as he has been granted bail and will need to present himself as and when the police call for him as part of their investigation.


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