Sidhu Moose Wala murder: CCTV footage shows evidence of shooter informant


A week ago, in what was a shocking incident, Punjabi rapper and politician Sidhu Moose Wala was murdered in a shoot out in Mansa district in Punjab.

The police investigation into the murder of Moose Wala is currently ongoing. Meanwhile, a CCTV footage has surfaced from Moose Wala’s Mansa village which captures the movements of the rapper a few moments before he was killed.

The CCTV footage was dated May 29, 2022, the morning he was killed. As per the footage, it is seen that Moose Wala’s jeep stopped next to a small group of people, some of whom stand and take a selfie with the singer/politician.

According to the police reports, of the lot of people there, two were allegedly informants who called and informed the shooters after Moose Wala left about his location, when he left, where he was headed, etc.

As per the reports, one of the callers has been identified as Kekada, he was allegedly the person who performed the recce. The reports further suggest that this Kekada had also spent nearly 40 minutes at Moose Wala’s house posing as a fan and taking selfies.

As per reports, he was also the one who informed the shooters that Moose Wala was travelling that day in his luxury vehicle Thar and not his usual bulletproof vehicle. He also told the shooters about the fact that Moose Wala was travelling unaccompanied by security personnel.

Kekada has been arrested by Punjab police. As per a report in HT, the eight shooters who shot at Moose Wala and his vehicle have all been identified.

Currently, Goldy Brar who is a gangster in Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang has reportedly claimed responsibility for the murder through a Facebook post. Bishnoi is currently serving a term in Tihar Jail and the Delhi Police is interrogating him about this case.


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