‘Significant progress made by India in meeting its climate goals’

Power minister R.K. Singh has urged G20 nations which have per capita (green house gas) GHG emissions above the world average to reduce their emissions and bring them down to the world average over the next few years which will vacate the carbon space to some extent and support the developmental aspirations of the developing nations.

Speaking virtually during the G20 Energy and Climate Joint Ministerial Meeting 2021 held under the Italian Presidency in Naples on Friday, Singh said that the G20 nations to take immediate steps in this direction so that the world community stays on the right track to leave a better planet for our future generations.

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) are at the heart of the Paris Agreement which requires each country to outline and communicate their post-2020 climate actions. Under the NDC’s, India has committed to have 40 per cent of the total installed capacity from renewables by 2030 and also to reduce its emissions by 33-35 per cent from 2005 levels.

Singh told the G20 ministerial meeting that against the targeted emission reduction of 33-35 per cent by 2030, India has already achieved emission reduction of 28 per cent over 2005 levels and at this pace, it is all set to exceed its NDC commitments before 2030.

The Minister further added that India already has achieved 38.5 per cent installed capacity from renewables and when the renewable capacity under construction is also accounted for, the share of renewables in the installed capacity goes well over 48 per cent, which is way above the commitments made under the Paris Agreement.