Sikandar Kher: I’m a hungry actor, open to all kinds of roles


After garnering appreciation for his work in the International Emmy-nominated ‘Aarya’ and crime drama ‘Mum Bhai’, Sikandar Kher has all his fingers in the pie as offers from production houses in the south have flooded his calendar.

The actor always wanted to be a part of good stories and with OTT blurring the lines between regional and mainstream content, Sikandar feels that this will benefit Indian cinema in its entirety.

Talking about diversifying his territories as an actor, Sikandar says, “I have always been open to doing all kinds of roles, region no bar. I am a hungry actor wanting to do good roles, be a part of good stories that give me the opportunity that harness my potential. As actors, we need to wait for that moment to arrive in our lives”.

Lauding the south Indian film industry, the actor says, “The southern industry is known to churn out exciting, innovative content and I am happy that the medium of OTT has given us actors to become a part of varied projects. It’s not just Hindi cinema anymore. It is Indian cinema now, that’s how the world looks at us.”

He shares that “OTT platforms have bridged the gaps” between various regional film industries of India and this has helped actors to further hone their craft as “actors are now making unusual and interesting choices”.

“I definitely want to be a part of this melting pot of content. These are exciting times for me as an actor,” he concludes.

While making waves at home with his new projects, Sikandar will soon be seen in Hollywood film ‘Monkey Man’, directed by Dev Patel.


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