Sikandar Kher: I’ve always felt social media isn’t about deception


Actor Sikandar Kher, who is gearing up for his next venture ‘Chidiya Udd’, says he has always felt that social media isn’t about deception.

“I have always felt that social media isn’t about deception, it’s about showing the world what you really are. I think there’s nothing more amazing for me than being 100 per cent authentic and I honestly have fun in doing so connecting with my fans, people on social media,” Sikander said.

He added: “My digital presence is exactly who and how I am in real life. I a person who likes to spend time with friends and family, and that’s what reflects on my social media. I never have wanted to create an image for myself and cave into the pressures of projecting a part of me which I can’t relate to.”

The actor said that is where the authenticity comes from, that’s where his fans get to be a part of his life.

“I have been told several time to show myself a certain way, but as an actor and as a person firstly, I think this part of me should be as raw as it can get. I never planned to do this to earn praise or more following, I just did what I felt was the real side of my personality and I guess that’s what people resonated with,” he said.

‘Chidiya Udd’ also stars ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ actor Madhur Mittal, is produced by Harman Baweja and Vicky Bahri. Helmed by director Ravi Jadhav (‘Banjo’, ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji’ and the ‘Timepass’ duology), it will soon be available for streaming on MX Player.



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