Sikandar Kher opens up about working with ‘Aarya’ director Ram Madhvani


Sikandar Kher, who has returned as Daulat in the second season of ‘Aarya’ is in love with the working style of the show’s director Ram Madhvani. He shared how words like “action” and “silence”, is something that are the oil to the machinery of movie production, are not used on Madhvani’s sets.

Sikandar said: “I always say that I’m grateful to have met a human being like Ram. He is truly special. As a maker, his style is unique, something most people would never have experienced. He calls it his 360 way of shooting. The words ‘action’ and ‘silence’ are never used on set. Cut is necessary otherwise our shot would still be going on.”

Shedding light on Madhvani’s style of working, the actor said: “Everything is one shot choreographed almost like a dance. He just has an invisible way of taking out the best in you. The adjective ‘invisible director’ was beautifully put by my co-actor Vikas Kumar, a powerhouse of a performer.”

Sikandar added that his other directors on this show Sandeip Modi (first season), Vinod Rawat and Kapil Sharma (second season) “are anything and everything an actor could ask for.”

“I can’t thank them enough for being magnificent guides in this journey. Coming back to cinema and telling a story. I feel there are directors and filmmakers. Ram is the latter and I’m very lucky to have gotten a chance to work with him.”

He added: “The experience of working in ‘Aarya’ is just so positive and fun. This is because of Amita (the producer) and Ram. The way they are, peters down to the entire crew. As human beings we could learn a thing or two from them”, he summed up his experience.



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