Sikander Kher: “I credit the web space for giving me visibility like never before”

Actor Sikander Kher, son of Kirron and Anupam Kher has been acting for a few years now, but it took the web series ‘Arya’ that released in 2020 for him to become famous. He plays the role of a hitman named Daulat on the show.

The actor credits the web space for bringing the change in his acting trajectory. As reported by HT, the actor said, “I would most definitely credit the web space for giving me visibility like never before. As an actor, you need and want people to see your work and your abilities. And when you get that many eyeballs, filmmakers also get the chance to view you in their projects and the characters they create.”

Speaking further about his success on the OTT platform and how the web has helped him, Sikandar said, “You can do different roles but if a film doesn’t work, nobody can see your work. That’s when you keep your head down and keep going for it. But Aarya has done well and the character of Daulat has been loved so much. It has 100% helped my career graph.”

According to Kher, it is not only actors who benefitted from the OTT space. He stresses on how it provides a platform for everyone to showcase their talent and versatility. The actor adds, “It works the same way for writers and technicians. There’s so much work for everybody today and that’s helping everyone across the board. It’s a great time for the industry and creative people.”

With the digital platform opening up so many creative opportunities the 40-year-old actor feels that it has managed to bring together audiences from all over the world and this is causing a transformation on cinema as a whole as the language barriers are no longer an issue. Kher elaborated by saying, “You’ve a Parasite (2019) that won the Oscar. So many people watched it. If you’ve made a good project in any language whatsoever, it will be watched all over the world. It’s amazing for us. OTT has a big role to play there.”



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