Simba Nagpal switches from workout to yoga while shooting in Agra

Actor Simba Nagpal, who plays Virat Singh in the television show “Shakti: Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki”, says yoga is helping him stay physically and mentally fit amidts the pandemic.

The actor says he is a fitness enthusiast and loves working out at the gym. However, since he is shooting for his show in Agra currently, he has switched to Yoga.

“I’m gym addict and I need to work out every day. Even last year during lockdown, I was doing weightlifting and practicing other hard workouts at home. But as of now when we are shooting in Agra and workouts are quite difficult to practice so I’m switching to Yoga. It is helping me to be fit mentally and physically,” he says.

Simba says that Yoga can be practiced at any time of the day and hence he doesn’t find it tough to manage his schedule.

“Yoga works on our internal organs and helps detox the body from within. This leads to a feeling of balance, inner fulfilment and mental relaxation. Also, yoga is not time-restrictive since I can do it whenever you want, so I am able to take out time for it easily,” he says.