Sunday, June 16, 2024

Singapore to deploy more police robots in the absence of manpower

After over five years of small-scale trials, Singapore will now “progressively deploy” more police robots across the city-state.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) said on Thursday that the robots were placed at Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 beginning in April “to augment frontline police officers in conducting premises patrol,” reports Bangkok Post.

More deployments are anticipated throughout the city of 5.6 million people, which requires technology to make up for absence of manpower due to its small population and low birth rate.

“The SPF plans to progressively deploy more patrol robots to augment police’s operations across Singapore,” the SPF said, without mentioning a timeline.

The police robots are equipped with cameras, sensors, speakers, a display panel, blinkers and a siren.

Officers in a situation room can see what’s happening on the ground because of an extendable mast with a 360-degree camera, and also a two-way channel allows them to directly communicate with the public.

“The patrol robot is the latest addition to SPF’s technological arsenal, capable of autonomous patrol and providing the police with an enhanced situational picture to enable better decision and sense-making,” the police said.

According to the statement, the robots can “enforce a cordon or warn bystanders during an incident prior to the arrival” of human police using its blinkers, siren and speakers, the report said.



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