Singer Gajendra Verma on importance of social media for indie music

New Delhi, Feb 12 (IANSlife) Pop singer and the voice behind the popular single ‘Tera Ghata’ Gajendra Verma, who recently came up with a series of songs titled ‘Summary: A Musical Series’ for the month of love February, believes that social media is a crucial and transparent medium for indie music artists to reach an audience.

The Qyuki’s artist has collaborated with Virtual Planet Music for the five-song musical series, shot-in-Turkey, on YouTube, which is essentially a simple love story with an extraordinary redefinition. The first song ‘Mushkil Badi’, a foot tapping, upbeat number, was released on February 1. Subsequently, the songs ‘Kitna Maza Aayega’, ‘Ratjage’, ‘Pehla Pyar’ have been released in the run-up to Valentine’s Day on February 14, which is when the last song of the musical series ‘Aaj Phir Se’ will be released. The songs capture the mood of the love in a beautiful manner, Gajendra reaches Istanbul and the journey of love kickstarts.

Excerpts from an IANSlife interview with the musician:

What is your approach to music? What does it mean to you?

Verma: Music is something with which I identify myself with. One can actually know me through my music, and it is something through which I can express my feelings, very honestly. I think I am most honest with my music.

Your single ‘Tera Ghata’ is an iconic song and has found an international audience. Can you share details?

Verma: Yes, I have received a lot of love for my song ‘Tera Ghata’ and thank you for saying it’s an iconic song, but I can’t really tell what made it such a big hit. I can only guess that maybe a lot of people related to it, and it was exactly today’s generation needed to hear of love.

What are your thoughts on the Indie music scene in India?

Verma: The Indie music scene in India is growing, and it’s a really great thing for the country and for its music because there are so many new songs, new artists, and new genres which are coming out, in the last 2-3 years and I am really happy about it.

How has social media helped in building an audience for independent talent in music?

Verma: I think social media plays a very big role in growing the Indie scene because it’s a medium for the artists to reach directly to their audience and their fans. It’s like a direct proportion where if you make good music, you get good listeners and so that’s like a very transparent thing. I think it’s a great medium to evaluate your music as well.

Your music series ‘Summary’ is releasing episodes. What is your thought about it?

Verma: Basically, what happened was, me and my director, my elder brother Vikram Singh, we were thinking about a story for a song, and it was a different song and we thought we cannot really tell a complete story in 4 minutes because it’s quite short. We thought of a series of songs which tell a complete story, and we get 20-25 minutes to tell this complete story. That’s where we got the idea and I started working on the song and the story simultaneously. It came out really well and it is received very well.

How was it recorded and shot?

Verma: Actually, the whole experience was really new. A lot of challenges you know and lots of disagreements also, but it was great, it was beautiful, it was learning, we were shooting in Turkey and I think we have never shot for such a long schedule before and it was actually great for everyone; we are really happy with the final product as well.

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